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         Papers & Speeches
Sr. No. Name of Paper Appeared in
1 The Indian Agricultural Research System (With Robert Evenson and D.Jha) Economic and Political Weekly,
March 31, 1973.
2 The Contribution of Research and Extension to Productivity Change in Indian Agriculture Economic and Political Weekly,      September 28, 1974.
3 The Intensive Agriculture Districts Programme in India: A New Evaluation Journal of Development Studies,
Vol. 11 No.3, April 1975. (Yale University      Economic Growth Centre Discussion Paper      No. 198, March 1974).
4 Agricultural Credit in India: Status, Issues and Future Agenda RBI Bulletin, November 2004, pp 993-1007.      (Also reprinted in Economic and Political      Weekly, Vol.XLI No.11, March 18, 2006,      pp.1013-1023; also in Indian Society of      Agricultural Marketing, Vistas in      Agricultural Marketing 1997-2005,      Volume 2, pp.143-175, Nagpur, 2005).
5 Economic Reforms in India: Where Are We And Where Do We Go? RBI Bulletin,
     December 2006, pp 1477–1494.