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Sr. No.        Name of Books (Click on title to read)
1 Monetary Policy in a Globalized Economy
Read Review
       By Rakesh Mohan
2 Promoting the Use of Government Evaluations in Policymaking: Winter 2006
By Rakesh Mohan, Kathleen Sullivan
3 Facets of the Indian Economy: The Ncaer Golden Jubilee Lectures
       By Rakesh Mohan (Editor)
4 Responding to Sponsors and Stakeholders in Complex Evaluation Environments
By David J. Bernstein (Editor), Rakesh Mohan (Editor), Maria D. Whitsett (Editor)
5 Small Scale Industry Policy in India: A Critical Evaluation by Rakesh Mohan, National Council of Applied Economic Research Policy
     Reform in India
By Rakesh Mohan, Charles Oman, Omkar Goswami, Isher Judge Ahluwalia
6 Effects of Population Growth, of the Pattern of Demand, and of Technology on the Process of Urbanization: An Application to India
7 Urban Economic and Planning Models: Assessing the Potential for Cities in Developing Countries