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  Fiscal Policy    
Sr. No. Name of Paper Appeared in
1      The Role of Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Sustaining Growth with Stability in India RBI Bulletin, December 2008,
     pp 2081-2118
2      Human Development and State Finances RBI Bulletin, December 2005,
     pp 1123-1129.
3      Fiscal Challenges of Population Ageing : The Asian Experience RBI Bulletin, October 2004, pp 825-849).
4      Financing of Subnational Public Investment in India, in Shahid Yusuf, Simon Evennett and Weiping Wu Facets of Globalization: International      and Local Dimensions of Development,      World Bank Discussion Paper No.415
5 Fiscal Correction for Economic Growth: Data Analysis and Suggestions Economic and Political Weekly,
Vol.XXXV No.24, June 10-16, 2000,