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  Industrial Economy  
Sr. No. Name of Paper Appeared in
1 Industry and Urban Employment, 1961-81: A Preliminary Exploration Economic and Political Weekly,      November 4-11, 1989.
2 Commands and Controls: Planning for Industrial Development in India,1951-1990
     (With Vandana Aggarwal)
Journal of Comparative Economics,
     Vol. 14, November 4, December, 1990
3 Delicensing Seminar,
     No. 380. April 1991.
4 The Regional Spread of Urbanisation, Industrialisation and Urban Poverty”. In Barbara Harriss, S.      Guhan, R.H. Cassen (ed.) Poverty in India: Research and Policy,
     Bombay: Oxford University Press, 1992.
5 Industrial Policy and Controls in Bimal Jalan (ed.) The Indian Economy: Problems and      Prospects,
     New Delhi: Viking (Penguin Books), 1992.
6 India’s Garments Exports (With Somnath Chatterjee) Economic and Political Weekly,
     Vol. XXVIII No. 35, August 28, 1993.
7 Industry: An Unfinished Agenda in Vijay L. Kelkar and Bhanoji Rao
     (With Omkar Goswami)
India Development Policy Imperatives,
     New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill, 1996
8 Public Sector Reform in the New Industrial Policy In Public Enterprise,
     Volume 14, Nos 3-4, September-December      1994, pp. 238-246.
9 Promoting Industrial Competitiveness: The Role of Policy in Ashok S.Ganguly and Prem Chadha (ed.) Strategic Manufacturing for
     Competitive Advantage,

     New Delhi: Oxford and IBA Publishing
     Co. 1998.
10 Enhancing Competitiveness through Industrial Restructuring: Options for Asia-Pacific Countries Asia Pacific Regional Forum on      Industrial Development
     Shanghai 2000, China, Vienna, UNIDO,      December 2000
11 Small Scale Industry Policy in India- A Critical Evaluation in Anne Krueger (ed.) Economic Policy Reforms and the      Indian Economy Chicago: University of      Chicago Press, and New Delhi: Oxford      University Press, 2002
12      Finance for Industrial Growth RBI Bulletin, March 2004, pp 319-339
13      Economic Reforms in India: Where Are We And Where Do We Go? RBI Bulletin,
     December 2006, pp 1477–1494.