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  Banking & Financial Sector  
Sr. No. Name of Paper Appeared in
1 Indian Financial Sector: Structure, Trends and Turns Appeared in: IMF Working Paper WP/17/7, (2017) Washington D.C. (Also published as Stanford Center for International Development Working Paper No 580, 2016). IMF
1 Diversity to Combat Groupthink: No one size fits all for World Central Banking OMFIF
2 The Future of Financial Regulation: Some Reflections  
3 India’s Financial Sector Reforms: Outcomes and Issues 11th Stanford India Conference
June 3-4, 2010.
4 Emerging Contours of Financial Regulation: Challenges and Dynamics Financial Stability Review, Banque de      France,September 2009, pp. 103-116 and      also in RBI Bulletin, June 2009.
5 Global Financial Crisis: Causes, Impact, Policy Responses and Lessons RBI Bulletin, May 2009.
6 Capital Flows to India RBI Bulletin, December 2008,
     pp 2047-2079. Also in BIS Papers No.44,      “Financial Globalisation and Emerging Market      Capital Flows”, December 2008.
7 Innovation and Growth: Role of the Financial Sector RBI Bulletin, April 2008, pp 559-577.
8 The Growth Record of the Indian Economy, 1950-2008: A Story of Sustained Savings and Investment RBI Bulletin, March 2008, pp 373-397.
     (Also reprinted in Economic and Political      Weekly, Vol.XLIII No.19, May 10-16, 2008,      pp.61-71).
9 India's Financial Sector Reforms: Fostering Growth While Containing Risk RBI Bulletin, December 2007,
     pp 2199-2226.
10 Recent Financial Market Developments and Implications for Monetary Policy RBI Bulletin, October 2007, pp 1657–1667.
11 Capital Account Liberalisation and Conduct of Monetary Policy: The Indian Experience RBI Bulletin, July 2007, pp 1129-1154 (Also      in " Macroeconomics and Finance in      Emerging Market Economies",Volume 2      Issue 2,2009,pp.215-238. Also as Chapter 3      in "Goyal, Ashima (2012) (Ed.),      "Macroeconomics and Markets in India:
     Good Luck or Good Policy
12 Economic Growth, Financial Deepening and Financial Inclusion RBI Bulletin, November 2006,
     pp 1305–1320.
13 Avian Influenza Pandemic: Preparedness within the Financial Sector RBI Bulletin, August 2006, pp 963–969.
14 Evolution of Central Banking in India RBI Bulletin, June 2006, pp 681-691.
     (Also reprinted in Prajnan, Vol. XXXV, No.2,      2006-07, NIBM, Pune, pp 127-143).
15 Financial Sector Reforms and Monetary Policy: The Indian Experience RBI Bulletin, July 2006, pp 773–793.
16 Reforms, Productivity and Efficiency in Banking: The Indian Experience RBI Bulletin, March 2006, pp 279-293.
     (Also in The Pakistan Development
Vol. 44 : 4 Part 1, Winter 2005,
     pp. 505-538 and in G. Gopala Krishna
     Murthy(ed.) "Efficiency in Commercial
     Banks: A Global Perspective",
The ICFAI      University Press, 2008, pp. 11-31).
17 India's Experience with Financial Sector Development in Priya Basu (Ed.)
     (With A. Prasad)
India's Experience with Financial
     Sector Development"
in Priya Basu      (Ed.) India's Financial Sector: Recent      Reforms, Future Challenges, New Delhi:      Macmillan, 2005.
18 Indian Banking and e-Security RBI Bulletin, November 2004,
     pp. 1029-1033.
19 Ownership and Governance in Private Sector Banks in India RBI Bulletin, October 2004, pp 879-883.
20 Financial Sector Reforms in India: Policies and Performance Analysis RBI Bulletin, October 2004, pp 851-876.      (Also reprinted in Economic and Political      Weekly, Vol. XL No.12, March 19-25, 2005,      pp.1106-1121 and in Tamal Datta Chaudhuri      (ed.) Financial Sector Reforms – An      IndianPerspective pp.147-198, ICFAI      University Press, 2006).
21 Finance for Industrial Growth RBI Bulletin, March 2004, pp 319-339 .
22 Globalisation : The Role of Institution Building in the Financial Sector: The Indian Case RBI Bulletin, February 2004, pp 117-151.
23 Transforming Indian Banking : In search of a Better Tomorrow RBI Bulletin, January 2003, pp. 9-18.