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         Papers & Speeches
Sr. No. Name of Paper Appeared in
1 An Analysis of Projected Urban Infrastructure Investment Costs in India (With Shankar Acharya) Review of Urban and Regional      Development Studies,
Vol. 2 No.1 January 1, 1990.
2      Estimation of Requirements for Infrastructure Investment in India: Implications for Foreign Capital
     Flows and the Capital Market
Indian Economic Association Annual      Volume, December 1997.
3 Infrastructure Development in India: Emerging Challenges in Francois Bourguignon and
     Boris Pleskovic (ed.) Vol. 1 & vol. 2
Accelerating Development, New York:,      Oxford University Press, 2004, pp 35-71      (Annual World Bank Conference on      Development Economics)
4      Economic Reforms in India: Where Are We And Where Do We Go? RBI Bulletin,
     December 2006, pp 1477–1494.